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The value of investments, and the income derived from them, can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you originally invested.

Tax rates, and the availability of tax reliefs, will depend on your personal circumstances and are open to change in future.

Contributions to a Self Invested Personal Pension are generally not available until you reach a certain age (under current legislation, this is 55 years old) when you may be entitled to a tax free lump sum of up to 25% of the fund value with the balance being used to provide an income which may be subject to tax.

Any decision to transfer an existing pension into the Best SIPP is yours to make; please read more here about things you should consider before taking that decision. Should you be in any doubt as to the suitability of transferring your pension, you should seek professional financial advice (which we can provide, on a fee basis).

Self directed investors should regularly review their SIPP portfolio, or seek professional advice, to ensure that the underlying investments remain in line with their pension objectives.

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I also agree to the following statements in relation to my on-line application for a SIPP:

Best SIPP ("The Scheme") is established as a registered pension scheme as defined in Part 4 of the Finance Act 2004. The Scheme was established by EBS Management Plc (EBS), who acts as Scheme Trustee and Scheme Administrator.

I apply for membership of the Best SIPP and declare that:

  1. I agree to be bound by the Deed and Rules governing the Scheme as amended from time to time and any of the provisions that may at any time apply to my membership. By confirming this declaration, I confirm that I have read the Best SIPP Key Features Document relating to this investment, the Best SIPP Terms & Conditions and the Bestinvest Online Investment Service Terms of Business, which I accept.
  2. Total contributions to any registered pension schemes to which I am entitled to tax relief as a relevant UK individual will not exceed the higher of £3,600, or my relevant UK earnings for that tax year.
  3. I agree to inform EBS, the Scheme Administrator, by writing to Bestinvest within 30 calendar days, should any of the following occur:
    • My permanent residential address changes
    • I cease to be UK resident
    • I cease to have relevant UK earnings
    • My relevant UK earnings start again
    • My employment status changes
    • I contribute in total in any tax year more than 100% of my earnings to my SIPP Account and any other registered pension schemes
    • I register for an enhanced lifetime allowance in respect of a pension credit or a transfer from an overseas pension scheme
    • Any enhanced protection I have is invalidated
    • Any fixed protection I have is invalidated
  4. I hereby agree having considered my rights under the Rules, to appoint Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited as investment provider. I shall be solely responsible to myself and my dependants for the choice of investment provider and that I shall hold EBS, the Scheme Administrator, fully indemnified against any claims in respect of such decisions and/or investment management appointments.
  5. I consent that EBS, the Scheme Administrator, will process my personal information in accordance with the relevant Data Protection legislation. I agree that my personal information may be used by EBS, its associated companies and their agents, for the administration of my SIPP. To the best of my knowledge and belief, all of the information I have provided on, or with, this application is accurate and complete. If I discover that I have provided incorrect or incomplete details, I will provide the additional information to EBS by writing to Bestinvest.
  6. I understand that fees payable for the Bestinvest Online Investment Service and the Best SIPP will be collected from my bank account, details of which I have provided to Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited, and/or from my Bestinvest Investment Account and/or my SIPP Account. I also understand that any Fund Rebates will be paid into my SIPP Account held with Bestinvest.
  7. I authorise that cash deposited with Bank of Scotland for my SIPP, once cleared, should be made available to me for investment via my Online Investment Service SIPP Account. This will leave a zero balance at Bank of Scotland at all times, apart from when funds are needed to pay benefits and/or taxation.
  8. In order to comply with Money Laundering Regulations, I understand that Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited and/or the Scheme Administrator will use the information I have provided to check my identity and may undertake a search with a credit reference agency for the purposes of verifying my identity (who will record that an enquiry has been made). I also understand that the credit reference agency may check the details I have supplied and that Bestinvest (Brokers) Limited may request additional evidence of identity from me before my application is processed.
  9. In order to comply with relevant tax regulations, where required, Bestinvest will share information about my/our financial account(s) with the relevant tax authorities. It is my/our responsibility to be aware of any tax requirements in my/our country of permanent or tax residence and in the country in which I/we intend to open a financial account and to take any independent tax or legal advice where required.
  10. I confirm I have declared all my citizenships to Bestinvest and/or tax residence(s) (using this online form for my primary citizenship, and where I have additional citizenships, I have contacted Bestinvest by telephone to inform them of all my additional citizenships). I understand this is required for Bestinvest to comply with UK and international tax legislation.


When you set up your SIPP, either by investing cash as an initial contribution or through a pension transfer, you will be sent a cancellation notice by the Scheme Administrator EBS Management Plc (EBS). You will have 30 days from the date you receive the notice to cancel your SIPP if you change your mind.


If money resulting from a pension transfer is paid to your SIPP at any time, the Scheme Administrator will also issue a cancellation notice and you will have 30 days to cancel the pension transfer.

I understand that if I invest the money during the cancellation period, monies invested will be subject to investment fluctuations. I also understand that if I subsequently cancel the transfer during the cancellation period, you will attempt to repay the transferring scheme and that the transferring scheme may refuse to accept the repayment, or only accept it on different terms from those applying prior to the transfer, in which case I will give you my instructions on whether to pay the amount to another registered pension scheme. As a result, the value of the repayment may be higher or lower than the amount originally invested. Any fees or costs incurred prior to cancellation will be payable proportionately for the relevant period and I will remain responsible for any transactions entered into prior to cancellation.


By confirming this declaration I understand this is a non-advised service and confirm I have not received any advice from Bestinvest on the suitability of this product and/or the investments I choose to hold within it. I also understand that Bestinvest does not retain any obligation to determine whether the product and the investments held within it remain suitable for me in the future.

Every statement made in this application is to the best of my knowledge and belief true and complete and I understand that the making of false claims connected with an application for or in connection with my continued membership of the Best SIPP may constitute an offence rendering me liable for prosecution.

By confirming this declaration I agree to the above declaration.

Please check the box to agree upon the terms & conditions declaration.


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